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The school of public administration studies and conveys the spirit of the National Conference on Ide

On the afternoon of February 27th, the Public Management College held a special meeting to study the spirit of the National Conference on Ideological and political work in Colleges and universities. Members of the college leadership, Party committee members, department heads and branch secretaries attended the thematic learning sessions.
At the meeting, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the college, comrade Liu Ling, conveyed the main contents of the school school system to learn and implement the spiritual forum of the National College for ideological and political work, especially on the main points of the school leaders' speech and the specific requirements put forward. Subsequently, comrade Qiao Jian, vice president, conveyed the spirit of the conference on postgraduate teaching management.
Next, the teacher made a keynote speech on behalf of Comrade Shi Yungui on the theme of "taking the people of Li De as the center and practicing the spirit of the National University Ideological and political conference". Teacher history said, to practice the spirit of the National College Ideological and political conference, first, to learn the first, conscientiously study the spirit of the National College thinking and political work; two is to keep the political bottom line, to grow their own "duty field"; three is to make full use of the major class of professional class teaching position, help students to fill the calcium of spirit, promote politics The four is to guide the students to improve the "four confidence" on the basis of the full comparison between China and the West; five to guide the students' personal dreams with the "Chinese dream", to enhance the cohesion, appeal and fighting capacity of our party to young students; six, to guide the writing of teaching materials and scientific research with the spirit of the political and political work conference.
Comrade Xia Zeyou, the Secretary of the Party committee, deployed the conference on the implementation of the National College for ideological and political work in the next step. He proposed that all the members of the college should study the spirit of the National College of Ideological and political work in depth and take the spirit of the meeting as an important part of the study of the College Center and the branch, and the innovative way of learning. The whole process of the ideological and political work is achieved through the combination of learning and learning, the unity of knowledge and practice, the formation of the cooperative education mechanism of Ideological and political work, and the true realization of Ideological and political work.
In the end, President Jiang Xiaoping, on behalf of the leading group of the college, made a summary statement. She talked about the fundamental problem of the ideological and political work of colleges and universities, how to train people, how to train people and to cultivate people. The college will adhere to the center of Lide tree people as the central link and take the responsibility and devote themselves to it. The spirit of the meeting is implemented.