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Jiang Xiaoping and her colleagues visited Waseda University and Kansai college.

At the invitation of Waseda University and Kansai College of Japan, Professor Jiang Xiaoping, Dean of the school of public administration of Sichuan University, Mr. Xu Jing, the director of the Asia project of the school for international cooperation and exchange, and the school of international cooperation and exchange, Wu Jing, went to Japan for an exchange visit in from December 19 to 20, 2016. To explore and expand the cooperation between the college and the Waseda University in the field of talent training and scientific research. At the same time, we should expand and establish the cooperation of multi - level and multi - mode cooperation between the establishment of the University and the Kansai college in the training of talents and the establishment of a scientific and scientific research platform.

On the 19 day, President Jiang Xiaoping and his colleagues came to the Graduate School of information production system of Waseda University. Professor Kawamura Lissa, Dean of the Graduate School of the information production system of Waseda University, UMETSU of the International Admissions Office of Waseda University, teacher Taro and project leader, Kawamura Lissa, received the first line of President Jiang Xiaoping. First of all, Professor Yoshiko Shu extended a warm welcome to President Jiang Xiaoping's visit and gave a brief introduction to the Graduate School of information production system. He pointed out that the Graduate School of information production system of Waseda University has established a unique educational system for a long time to recruit international students and to cultivate students' ability to transform knowledge into capacity. Thanks to its advanced educational concept and teaching and training mode, the graduate school has a close cooperative relationship with the local well-known enterprises and provides a good guarantee for the students' employment and practice. Then, President Jiang Xiaoping expressed his gratitude to President Yoshiko Shu and all the teachers, and briefly introduced the composition of our faculty and the specific situation of teaching and scientific research, combing and summarizing the current implementation status of the existing "3+2" continuous reading projects between the two houses. In addition, she highly agreed with the ideas and methods of the Graduate School of information production system of Waseda University in the training of talents, and indicated that the training policy was the same as that of our hospital. She pointed out that at present, China's development needs such compound talents very much. Such talents have great advantages and high competitiveness in employment and so on. At the same time, President Jiang Xiaoping also put forward proposals for further expansion and deepening of cooperation projects in joint training of students, academic exchanges, cooperative research and co operation of international conferences, including two master's programs, joint training of doctoral programs, post doctoral programs and teacher exchange programs. During the talks, the two sides discussed carefully the above proposals, laying a good foundation for the two sides to push forward the next step of cooperation and exchanges. After the meeting, President Jiang Xiaoping met with the students of the Graduate School of the information production system of Waseda University to meet the students, inquire about their study and life in Waseda University, understand the difficulties and problems of the students, and put forward the corresponding suggestions for them to be in a foreign country. The school students feel the care from the college.

The next day, President Jiang Xiaoping came to Kansai college. He was enthusiastic about the former vice president of the school, Professor Itou Masahito of the present University of International Relations, the Changchun gentry of the Ministry of international cooperation, the director of the Education Affairs Department of the international cooperation center, Xiao Yang son, and the education teacher of the Japanese language, Miya Kanako. Reception. During the talks, Professor Itou Masahito spoke kindly with people in Chinese, briefly introducing the history of the Kansai college, the establishment of disciplines, scientific research and international exchanges, and the emphasis on several colleges, including the University of International Relations, which were related to our institute. . President Jiang Xiaoping, first of all, expressed its gratitude to President Itou Masahito and their teachers on behalf of the first line, followed by a brief introduction to the various aspects of our hospital, and expressed the expectation that a wide, multi-layered and multi mode cooperation was expected to be carried out with the Department of Kansai college. Then, the two sides discussed the possibility of cooperation in a variety of projects, including the students' short-term exchange and exchange program, the continuous reading project, the double master program, the joint training of doctorate and the post doctoral and teacher exchange project. At the same time, the two sides also discussed issues related to the establishment of research platforms and the holding of international conferences. The talks laid a solid foundation for the establishment of bilateral cooperation in the future.