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          Liu Lei is currently an associate professor at the School of Public Administration of Sichuan University, China. He holds a Doctor’s degree from Peking University (Jul. 2011) and a Bachelor's degree from Wuhan University (Jul. 2005), both in Environmental Sciences. He was a Jean-Monnet postdoctoral fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (Climate Governance research strand) of European University Institute (Sep. 2013- Sep. 2014), and also a visiting Ph.D. student of the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University (Sep. 2009- Sep. 2010), under the direction of Dr. Elinor Ostrom (Deceased, 2009 Nobel laureate in Economics). Being an interdisciplinary and problem-oriented researcher, Prof. Liu have broad interests in exploring the social, economic, and political perspective of environmental issues with both qualitative and quantitative methods. Particularly, he is interested in the policy design, formation, evolution and implication in environmental governance, through investigating in the relationship between socio-economic and environmental factors as well as the interaction between different policy actors. His research findings have been published in prestigious journals such as Climate Policy, Journal of Cleaner Production, and WIREs Climate Change Review.