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Graduate and Ph.D program- Public Administration Dscipline

一、Basic Information

1. Name of Discipline: Public Administration

2. Discipline Code: 1204

3. Secondary Discipline  :

(120401)Public Administration

(120402)Social Medicine and Health Service Management

(120403)Educational Economics and Management

(120404)Social Security

(120405)Land Resource Management

(1204Z1)Public Policy

(1204Z3)Public Sector Information Resource Management

(1204Z4)Land Administration and Real Estate Management

二、Brief Introduction

The Public Administration program of Sichuan University originated quite early. In 1912,SichuanUniversity, back then known asSichuanHigherSchool, began to train political science and administrative specialists. In 1914, West China Union University, the precursor of Sichuan University (Huaxi District), began to train public health professionals. In the history of  public administration program development of  Sichuan University, a large number of  well-known public management experts had emerged, including Huang Jilu, Yang Lansun, Zhang Shiwen, Zhang Shao Ying, Zhang Pingzhou, Yang Bokai, Song Maoou, Liu Shaoyu, Chen Xiyu, and Professor Chen Zhiqian, who is recognized as the founder of  Chinese modern health education. As the world-renowned public health expert, the forerunner of the idea of PHC (primary health care), and the founder of three-level hygiene network in rural area, Professor Chen is honored as "the father of  Chinese public health". In 1986, the Social Medicine and Health Service Management program gain the right to grant master's degree, and in 2003 gain the right to grant doctor's degree. In 1995, the Public Administration program was proved to grant master’s degree, as the first one in the western region. In 2004, the programs of Public Administration gain the right to grant a numbers of key level master's degree. In 2008, the Public Administration program has been approved as theSichuanprovince level key program. In 2010, the Public Administration gain the right to grant the key level doctor's degree. Later in 2014, the Public Administration program was approved to host post-doctoral research station. The Public Management program is the "985" philosophy and social science innovation base and the key construction project of  “211”project of  Sichuan University, rank top among the Ministry of  Education Program Evaluation.

1.       Cross programs interfuse and develop with distinct research features.

The Public Administration program interfuses with management science and engineering,

sociology, political science, psychology and other related programs, forming a series different program directions included local government management, land resource management, social medicine and health service management, human resources and social security, public policy and emergency management, public service management, public sector information resources management. These different program directions developed distinct research feature in the construction of the service type government, the development of public service system, the reconstruction of  public sector process, the service of  disease prevention and community hygiene, the reform of  the cadre and personnel system, and the post disaster reconstruction etc. Among which, the public administration and social security program were rated as the feature program ofSichuanProvince.

2.  Fully cooperative and reasonable academic team.

The program formed a rational and strong internationalized research team with nearly 30 professors, including 15 Ph.D instructors, and 6 foreign professors. SPA has 1 Yangtze River Scholar Distinguished Professor, 3 experts who enjoy the State Council Special Allowance, 1 committee member of  the National MPA Steering Committee, 1 excellent talent of  the new century, 4 academic leaders of  Sichuan province, 5 Outstanding Contribution Experts of  Sichuan Province. As the academic leader, Professor Xiaoping Jiang is also the Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese government performance management research society, the executive director of the Chinese public administration society. Besides, many faculties work as the consultant of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and of Chengdu Municipal People’s Government. Under Professor Xiaoping Jiang’s leadership, a well-developed cooperation research and teaching team has been established.

3. Strong supporting platform with fruitful research results. Relied on the three “985”innovative research platforms ("Social Justice and Social Risk Control", “Philosophy, Religion and Society "," Application of  Humanities and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Project ") of  the Sichuan University and the strong supporting academic platforms (Chengdu Institute of  Scientific Development Research, Chinese Local Government Innovation Research Center, Post-disaster Reconstruction and Emergency Management Research Institution, Social Development and Social Risk Control Center, and National Cadre Education and Training Base of  Sichuan University), the research team cooperated closely with local government and brought out abundant research results. Over the past 5 years, the whole team has undertaken more than 300 scientific research projects, including three major national social science fund project, more than 20 items of national social science fund project and natural science fund project, more than 50 items of provincial and ministerial level projects. All kinds of scientific research project funds totaling 5832.96 million Yuan. The team published more than 300 CSSCI articles, more than 50 books (including textbooks), earned 178 items of all kinds of scientific research achievement awards (with more than 20 items of provincial and ministerial level awards).

4. Valued on international cooperation and exchange experience. It cooperated and communicated with colleges and universities of  various countries and areas (including but not limited to the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) to develop science research, joint school-running, and talent training programs. During the years, several grant international academic conferences and cross-strait academic conferences had been held. More than 100 famous experts and scholars had been invited to give lectures in SCU. Through various forms of international cooperation and exchange programs and more foreign students been accepted, the public administration program expands its impact both at home and abroad. At the same time, the team undertake more than ten international cooperation projects, like China-UK AIDS Project, The World Health Organization Project, and National Institutes of Health Project, with many papers included in the SSCI\SCI journals.


三、Research Direction

1. Ph.D

This first-level discipline has 7 research directions:

(1)(120401)Public Administration     

(2)(120402)Social Medicine and Health Service Management

(3)(120403)Educational Economics and Management

(4)(120404)Social Security

(5)(120405)Land Resource Management

(6)(1204Z1)Public Policy

(7)(1204Z3)Public sector information resource management

2. Master Degree

(1)(120401)Public Administration

(2)(120402)Social Medicine and Health Service Management

(3)(120403)Educational Economics and Management

(4)(120404)Social Security

(5)(120405)Land Resource Management

(6)(1204Z4)Land Administration and Real Estate Management

Public Administration(1204)Doctoral Curriculum