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Personal Information

Email: scuhmj@126.com

Address: Department of Sociology and Psychology,

School of PublicAdministration,


Chengdu, P. R. China, 610064


Education Background

03/2015-04/2016      Visiting Scholar of Center of Chinese Studies, UCLA             Los Angeles

09/2002-07/2007PhD. in Sociology,TsinghuaUniversity           Beijing

09/1998-07/2002B.A. in Sociology,Nankai University  Tianjin


Courses Taught

1.       Graduatecourses

(1)           Introduction to Anthropology Theory

(2)           Academic English for Anthropology&Sociology

(3)           Sociology on Labor Studies

2.       Undergraduate courses

(1)           Introduction to Sociology

(2)           Sociological Theory

(3)           Methodology on Social Science Research

(4)           Human Behavior and Social Environment


Research Program & Project in Charge

1.       Research on Labor Process of Migrant Workers in Service Industries(08JC840012), funded by The Ministry of Education, 2008.09-2013.03

2.       Research on the Identity of the New-generation Migrants in Service Industries(SC08B05),funded by Sichuan Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Office, 2008.11-2009.12

3.       Working Experience of New-generation Migrants in Chengdu City,funded by Chengdu Municipal Philosophy and Social Science Office, 2008.05-2009.12

4.       Mental Crisis Prevention and Care for Rural Women, cooperated with Medical Sociology Research Center, Tsinghua University, 2007.03-2010.03

5.       Women and Family’s Impact on the Transfer of Rural Labor, cooperated with Chengdu Women’s Federation, 2009.03-2010.03

6.       How Does Social Work Participate in Social Assistance in Cities and Service forPoor Families, funded by Ministry of Civil Affairs, 2010.04-2011.11

7.       Evaluation on the Social Effect of Yulin Youth Zone, funded by the Communist Youth League of Wuhou District, Chengdu,  2010.5-2010.12

8.       Base-line Study on Poor Families’ Living Condition and Social Service Needed in Communities of Jinjiang District, funded by Chengdu Jinjiang District Social Organization Development Foundation, 2013.3-2013.5




2009                  Labor and Divisions between Sisters: A Case Study on China’s Female Migrants, Sichuan UniversityPress, Chengdu


Journal articles

2016    Identity Study on Consumer-Workers, Journal of Southwest Petroleum University (Social Science Edition),Vol. 4 2016

2015Service Assistance in Poverty Reduction, Social Work and Management, Vol. 1 2015

        Study on College Students’ View about Their Social Missions, Education Forum, Vol. 34 2015

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2010               Labor and Divisions between Sisters: A Case Study of the He Ji Restaurant Production Regime, Social Sciences in China, Vol.5 2012

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