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About SPA

The world is equally shared by all and governed by laws.

International Cooperation

SPA has established profound cooperation relationship with nearly 40 well-known universities all over the world, including University of Oxford, University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, Sciences Po, Uppsala University, Syracuse University, ARIZONA State University, Queen Mary University of London, and Waseda University. Based on the extensive connections, SPA has initiated 30 joint studying programs for students, including the undergraduate exchange programs (2+1+1,2.5+0.5+1),double bachelors’ degree programs(2+2),bachelor-master joint programs(3+1+1,3+2),double masters’ degree programs(1+1+1),and many short-term exchange programs in summer and winter vacations. Through the programs, an increasing number of SPA students have successfully applied for admission from well-known universities in the world for academic degrees or exchange.